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Our machines origin mainly from China, manufactured by the China Academy of Building Research (CABR). A chief editor for National Rebar Splice (Rebar Coupler) / Anchor Standard and an Industry Leader in Rebar Splice (Rebar Coupler) / Anchor Industry.

Bandsaw Machine

This machine is used to cut off poor shear end of rebar before upsetting process. It cuts by drawing a continuous metal band across the workpiece.

Upsetting Machine

This Machine is used for upsetting process, which will increase the rebar outer diameter before threading and achieved reinforced straight thread connection process. It can be used in the construction of steel bar straight crew thread processing.

Threading Machine

This Machine is used for threading process, which function on rebar to be threaded after the upsetting process as per coupler thread design. It is an important equipment of steel bar connection.