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HG Distribution

As a premier steel stockist, we offer a competitively-priced and extensive product portfolio with more than 3,000 types of steel products for all industries. We offer a range of comprehensive distribution-related services including wholesale activities, retailing, trading, sourcing of products for customers and distributing to ASEAN countries. We also provide other value-added services such as steel finishing services, customisation services, as well as logistics and shipping.


HG Construction Steel

We offer comprehensive packages that cater to all our customers’ construction steel requirements. We cut and bend deformed bars according to specifications, provide comprehensive just-in-time delivery to construction sites and provide rental of plates and beams for the construction industry. In addition, we provide bar bending service schedule, steel rental services, as well as steel finishing services like galvanising, coating, cutting and drilling. Our monthly production capacity is about 6,000 tonnes.


HG Industrial Steel & Services

As part of our value-add to customers, we provide tailored steel solutions for diversified industries such as high strength steel to the energy, heavy equipment and other sectors; non-ferrous steel to the electronics, marine and other sectors; as well as surface protection services. We also provide precision slitting and shearing, CNC profile cut, and cut to length services to our valued customers. Our processing capacity is about 800,000 tonnes per annum.

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