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28 Jalan Buroh
Singapore 619484

(65) 6268 2828
(65) 6261 3640




Warehouse: Large-scale comprehensive area with close to 300,000 sqft of warehouse capabilities, enable us to order material in bulk, ensure that we achieve economies of scale, which enable us to offer competitive price in the market. HG Metal is fully equipped with automated magnet cranes and facilities which successfully meet our customer’s needs and prides ourselves in being a premier distributor and manufacturer in Singapore.

Office: HG Metal office is located centrally among our warehouse blocks, hosted on a 3-story building in 28 Jalan Buroh. A myriad of amenities such as:

  • Guest Lounge
  • Reception
  • Staff Lounge

Transportation: HG Metal’s transportation is part of our value-added service, which successfully drives us to meet customer’s on-time delivery schedule and requirement, we manage to offer 24 hours delivery schedule.

  • Prime Mover
  • Trailer bed
  • Lorry Crane

 Facilities / Machineries: We have forged our way to meet our client’s unique and needs with our automated high capabilities facilities, we strive to deliver just-in-time, accuracy and quality products to our value clients.

  • Weigh Bridge Machine
  • Automated Magnet Crane