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Rebar Inventory

Weldable reinforcement bar. As it has excellent adhesion with concrete it is widely used as a material for civil  engineering and construction.

We strictly sourced from globally reputed and certified by international accredited steel mills, with a wide range of products diameter in 12 meter length and in coil.

Diameter Size

  • 10mm
  •  13mm
  • 16mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm 
Tensile Test
Mill Test Certificate

Quality Assured

HG’s rebars are manufactured according to globally recognised British and Singapore standards with guaranteed strength and quality.

With complete quality records that can traced all the way back to source. Our incoming rebar undergo stringent Third Party accredited laboratory quality control process.

BS 4449:2005 – British Standard for reinforcing steel

SS 560:2016 – Singapore Standard for reinforcing steel

Cut and Bend Service

HG Construction Steel has been processing rebar with automated cutting-edge production facilities, delivering various types of the product to clients’ Jobsite sites in meeting the customer’s demand. Processed rebar ensures uniform shape and reduction of the construction period.

Customer’s Benefits

Our cut and bend service maximize builders Efficiency, Reduced material wastage, Save cost and Reduced manpower deployment.

Products Code

  • Cap Bar
  • L / U Shape Bar
  • Bar Chair (3D)
  • Crank Bar
  • Earthquake-Proof Stirrup
  • Round Bar
  • Hook Bar

Quality Control

Our cut and bend rebar are fabricated according to British standards with our inhouse quality control process, products labelling and quality record that can traced all the way back to source. 

▶ BS BS8666:2005 – British Standard for reinforcing steel

Process Flow

  • Customer Order
  • Data Entry
  • Engineering Review
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Quality Check
  • Material Loading
  • Customer Delivery

Prefabrication Service

Off-site prefabrication of cages are products to help in the construction of structural elements on-site. HG Construction Steel is able to thrive in delivering the goods and solutions for prefabricated cages with complex designs. With delivery of prefabricated cage minimised on-site activities, improved casting down time and reduced accident cases.

Products Code

  • Diaphragm Wall Cage
  • Barrette Pile Cage
  • Bored Pile Cage
  • Micro Pile Cage
  • Pile Cap / Footing Cage
  • Beam Cage
  • Column Cage
  • Wall Cage

Benefit from Added Services

HG’s cage products are fabricated according to Singapore standards Eurocode.

With our competent and innovative Engineering Team, we are able to provide customer with construction shop drawing and professional technical discussion / advises before proceed cage fabrication.

▶ SS EN 1993 – Singapore Standard for reinforcing steel