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Long Service Award
08:00 - December 7, 2021

The Long Service Award Ceremony Year 2021 held on 07 December 2021 by adhering to the strict Safe Management Measure.

It is a special occasion because we don’t often get the opportunity to publically thank our staff for the many years of service that they have devoted to the company. Especially under such pandemic situation where annual company dinner is unlikely to happen.

Such loyalty and dedication is something special in this day and age. Especially when job hopping is fashionable, the continual search for better opportunities means that staff seldom stays longer than a few years.

They are the person that witnessing the growth of HG Metal Group over these years.

To achieve mid-term, long-term target, the staff consistent commitment is important. This cannot happen without staff backing up Management all the time, especially long service staff like them.

We hope all of our staff benefitted from their experience at HG Metal, we certainly hoping for staffs’ next 10 years, 20 years or longer service with HG Metal.




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