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7th Lunar Month (Hungry Ghost Festival)
08:00 - August 11, 2021

7th Lunar Month also known as Hungry Ghost Festival is custom of Chinese culture that happens during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, and it’s one of the most revered events of the year with celebrations and rituals. Taoists and Buddhists in Singapore believe that the gates of hell open, and spirits return from the afterlife to feast. This year, HG Metal 7th Lunar Month Prayer Ceremony is held on 11 Aug 2021, one day after Singapore Government has further relax from Phase Two (Heightened Alert) Tighter Measures.

Adhering to Religious Activities guidelines, all prayers have been following the rules & regulation well. That including prayers need to observe a 1m safe distance between themselves, the premises where the services are held is well-ventilated, prayer services being kept to the shortest duration possible with no mingling between worshippers and all worshippers left immediately after performing their prayers.

Due to food receptions and on-site meals are not allowed before or after the prayer service, we distributed takeaway meal to staff. Staff who working in office and warehouse also shared different route during food distribution. Good practice has made this annual event going smooth in a safe circumstances.

With that, we pray for continuous prosperity for HG Metal Group & Singapore!





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