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HGCS offers services and solutions to meet our customers’ construction steel requirement. Our company provides various services includes cut & bend, caging and rebar fabrication services, integrated couplers services and integrated computer controlled production with despatch planning. Importantly, we have our in-house transportation team for our day-to-day delivery.

Production Floor Area (m2) 6000
Number of Production line 2
Number of Machine 18
Warehouse capacity (Tones) 15000
Rebar Cut and bend capacity (Tones) 6000
Pre-fabrication capacity (Tones) 4000

Our Competitive Advantages

  • State-Of-The-Art Fully Automated Production
  • Integrated Computer Controlled Production And Despatch Planning
  • Integrated Couplers Services
  • Integrated Wire Mesh Services
  • Leading-Edge Off-Coil Production Facilities
  • European Machinery
  • Just-In-Time Production
  • Design Caging Fabrication Based On Customer Requirement

Integrated Couplers Services


All our production is complying with BS 8666:2005-Scheduling, Dimensioning, Cutting and Bending of Steel Reinforcement for Concrete.